Registration Deadline: November 22, 2024


You can choose one of two methods for conducting the survey – online or via paper copies. Regardless of which you choose, we can help with needs like customization and translation.

If you decide to go the online route, we’ll ask you for a list of all your eligible employees’ email addresses. Employees will receive an email with a unique link from Workforce Research Group. If any of your employees do not have a company email address, we will accept personal email addresses; however, we won’t be able to provide support if there are any issues. If some of your employees do not have a work or personal email address, reach out to us and we can discuss options.

If you choose the paper method, we’ll mail a package of materials to you, which will include surveys and postage-paid return envelopes. We’ll also ask you to fill out an employee confirmation checklist.

Whichever method you select, all employee data is submitted anonymously and we assure you that confidentiality is critical to us. Click here to read our statement of confidentiality.